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A Diablo 3 Web API wrapper written in PHP - Follow-up

It's been quite some time since the release of Diablo 3 API PHP. The first commit on September 14, 2012 marked the starting point of the project. Now with 82 commits and 9 months since the release date the class has been modified to include most or all parts of the API. It includes methods for each API call and certain things that are not part of the official API. Things like Item Images, Skill Images, Paperdoll Images, Skill Tooltips, Rune Tooltips and Item Tooltips.

From the beginning I wanted to create something that is very simple to use with none or very few dependencies. The class sup…

A Diablo 3 Web API wrapper written in PHP

A few days ago Blizzard released their Diablo 3 API documentation, but their API is not publicly available just yet. With this in mind I thought of putting together a wrapper class for this API in PHP. It's a very early release (Pre-alpha) so it's nowhere near done. Keeping in mind that I cannot even test this yet. Blizzard will defiantly include some sort of authentication method which is on my todo list for when they open this to the public.

I am also pretty sure that the documentation will change; things might be removed or added, so I think this is a good stooping point until the API is o…

BlogFile - A blog in a single PHP file

After a couple of days of searching around and experimenting with a couple of blog software such as b2evolution, BLOLY BLOG SCRIPT, Chyrp, Super Simple Blog Script, etc. I finally landed on a project by Samuel Levy on GitHub called BlogFile. It is released under the WTFPL aka Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License and its extremely light weight.

This was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a blog section for this site but I really did not want to install any bulky software such as WordPress or write my own from scratch, I just haven't have that kind of time lately. BlogFile has al…

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