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A Diablo 3 Web API wrapper written in PHP - Follow-up

It's been quite some time since the release of Diablo 3 API PHP. The first commit on September 14, 2012 marked the starting point of the project. Now with 82 commits and 9 months since the release date the class has been modified to include most or all parts of the API. It includes methods for each API call and certain things that are not part of the official API. Things like Item Images, Skill Images, Paperdoll Images, Skill Tooltips, Rune Tooltips and Item Tooltips.

From the beginning I wanted to create something that is very simple to use with none or very few dependencies. The class supports authenticated API calls and 'If-Modified-Since' header which becomes in effect when caching is enabled. This however does not save on API points. Points will still be deducted from your API limit none the less. A '304 Not Modified' response from the API will only save bandwidth and time. At this time, career and hero data do not honor 'If-Modified-Since' header and do not return a 'Last-Modified' header neither. Because of this, career and hero data are always received from the API even though we store the data on each call. I assume this is a bug with the API which should be corrected in the future.

Methods Available

Get Career Profile
Get Hero Profile
Get Item Information
Get Follower Information
Get Artisan Information
Get Item Image
Get Skill Image
Get Skill Tooltip
Get Skill Rune Tooltip
Get All Hero Item Images
Get All Hero Skill Images
Get Paperdoll

API Limits (as of 6/12/2013)
Unauthenticated API Limit: 30,000
Authenticated API Limit: 300,000

To Request an API key from Blizzard email: api-support@blizzard.com
Be sure to provide:
Project Name
Project Description
Project Source Code (Link to an online repository if available)
Contact Information

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Source at GitHub

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Diablo-3-API-PHP is dual licensed under the MIT and GPL.

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